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Reviving your clothes since 1965

Tintoria Stoppani

~ Reviving your clothes ~

Since 1965 we have been working to give life again to any type of fabric with the most efficient, accurate and especially professional approach. Over the years, thanks to our devoted search for perfection and attention processing all kind of garments and fabrics, we gained our client's trust. Among them we boast the most important fashion brands Milan based, that we daily assist in the quickest and best way in order to deal with the frantic and strict fashion system deadlines.

2015 is both EXPO year and our 50th anniversary: with this brand new website we would like to thank all our loyal clients for the trust in us during all these years and we would also like to reach other clients by showing all of our prompt and professional services, delivery included.

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Lavanderia lavasecco Milano
Lavaggio abiti a Milano
Lavasecco Milano e provincia
Lavaggio abiti da uomo Milano


~ We guarantee impeccable service ~

Lavaggio giacche da uomo Tintoria Stoppani
Lavasecco e lavanderia a Milano
Tintoria Stoppani lavaggio tende a Milano
Abito da sposa lavasecco Milano
Lavaggio tessuti Tintoria Milano
Lavaggio tende Tintoria Stoppani
Lavanderia Tintoria Stoppani Milano
Abito da uomo Tintoria Stoppani
Lavaggio piumoni Milano Tintoria Stoppani
Lavaggio a secco Tintoria Stoppani
Lavasecco tappeti Milano
Tintoria e lavasecco tessuti Milano
Abito da sposa tintoria Milano
Tintoria trapunte Milano
Tintoria e lavasecco tappeti Milano
Tintoria e lavasecco a Milano
Tintoria Stoppani tessuti Milano
Tintoria e lavasecco Milano
Lavaggio tappeti Milano
Lavasecco tessuti Milano


~ Specialists in the textile sector ~

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